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Computer education was introduced for class IV to class X w.e.f 1996-97 session
It was made compulsory from class-III to class X from July, 2000

A well equipped computer laboratory with modern audio and information systems has been imparting coaching on latest Science & Technology
864 square feet area
29 Systems (P-4)
8 printers
Fully furnished air conditioned room (3 A.Cs)
LAN connection
Well experienced faculty
Windows 98
Database Management System (DBMS)
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Internet Accessing
It is introduced by CBSE in the year 2005 to make the children more practical and to make the subject interesting. It is introduced from classes III to X. A minimum of two periods are given in a week to do practical. Children are aware of paper cutting and pasting them in their activities. The lab. consists of all sorts of arrangements. All the children of a class can be accommodated in the lab and can go for practical. All modern apparatus are available in the lab. Twenty marks credit is there in the Practical.
Year of establishment- 1984  
Number of books- 6000  
Open and close acess system  
Books are arranged subject wise in shelves  
Shelves are arranged alphabetically  
Number of shelves- 21  
Classification of books are done according to "DDC SCHEME OF CLASSIFICATION"
We also provide reading room facility  
Every student has its individual book cards and book packets  
The latest collection of book comprises of  
Reference books  
Academic course books  
Books on Literature & Language  
Folk stories  
Collection of Shakespeare  
Collection of Premchand  
Short stories in English, Hindi and Oriya  
We do have a facility of showing different stories and rhymes CDs in computer for the students
We have a huge collection of different educational CDs too  
Remains open on all working days
Complete silence is to be observed in the library
Student will not be allowed to carry any book inside the library except a pencil and a note book / school diary
A student will note the book he borrowed from the library in the columns provided in the diary
Leam to use the catalogue displayed in the library and understand the arrangement of books in the library
One book a week will be issued to a student (from VII to X). If he / she fails to return the book on time a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be levied
In case a book is lost or damaged, the borrower has to replace it or pay the penalty
Students found scribbling / writing on the books will be punished
Students should not crowd around the desk of the librarian. The books will be issued to one at a time
Any one who disobeys the rules will be debarred from the library
Outdoor games Football, Cicket, Kabbadi, Khokho
Indoor games Badminton, Carrom, Table tennis, Chess, Chinese checker
Every year we celebrate annual sports at Uditnagar ground and organize the following events:
Running Events 100 mts., 200 mts., 400 mts., 800 mts., 4 x 100 mts. Relay Race
Jumping Events High Jump, Long Jump. ( Both Boys And Girls)
Throwing Events Putting the shot, Discuss Throw, Javelin Throw
Inter school football
Zonal Kabbadi, Cricket
District Kabbadi, Cricket
State Kabbadi, Cricket
Zonal Champion in Kabbadi
Participation in district level
Participation in state level
Health and hygiene is the prime objective at par with academy and discipline. SVM has taken special care of every student's health and hygiene. Prevention is better than cure which encourages SVM to imbibe fundamentals of health through the SVM HEALTH CLUB ensuring quick firstaid, parental information for better care and with all hygienic environment in the school campus.